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EnvironmentValid house
AI TypePassive AI
Max Life250
KB Resist50%
"The Tracker belongs to an order of warriors dedicated to finding and dispatching rare creatures. Help him and he'll help you."

The Tracker is an NPC vendor that will spawn once the following conditions have been met:

When threatened by enemies, he will defend himself with his battleaxe.


The Tracker hands out contracts to kill certain rare enemies. Contracts are separated into three groups, based on progression:

  • Tier 1 is available by default; this group encompasses enemies encountered in Pre-Hardmode.
  • Tier 2 is unlocked after defeating the Wall of Flesh; this group encompasses enemies between the beginning of Hardmode up to defeating the three Mechanical Bosses.
  • Tier 3 is the final tier, unlocked after all the previous contracts; this group has a single contract against Bone Lee.

The contracts in each tier can be completed in any order. After completing a specific contract, new items corresponding to the target enemy will be unlocked for purchase in the Tracker's shop. These items can be bought with Vanquisher Medals, which are obtained from killing said targets.

  • Tier Contract Description Target Unlocks
    Tier 1
    Contract Learning the Ropes.png
    Learning the Ropes
    Before completion: "Alright kid, I think we should start you off easy... I've tracked down a group of wild creatures deep underground. Taking out a couple of them would make this place a lot safer." Crawdad.pngCrawdad
    Giant Shelly.pngGiant Shelly
    Tracker's Skinning Blade.pngTracker's Skinning Blade
    After completion: "Not bad at all, kid. Hopefully it wasn't too hard hunting one down. You may have noticed they dropped a 'Vanquisher Medal'. With those, you can redeem them for items I keep on me. Typically, they relate to the tracked creature, so be sure to visit me after completing any contracts."
    Contract Pay Day.png
    Pay Day
    "Radiant beasts have been spotted prowling underground Terraria, illuminating a path of ruin. The Gilded Bat, Gilded Lycan, and Gilded Slime light up their surrounding area and pack quite a punch. It would be best if their numbers dwindled, even just a little..." Gilded Slime.pngGilded Slime
    Gilded Bat.pngGilded Bat
    Gilded Lycan.pngGilded Lycan
    Glittering Chalice.pngGlittering Chalice
    Contract Pinky, the World Ender.png
    Pinky, the World Ender
    "Never before have I seen a creature of such terrifying power... It's pink, it's mean, and it journeys around with a powerful storm of slime. Destroy it!" Pinky.pngPinky Rosy Slime Staff.pngRosy Slime Staff
    Contract Damsel of Distress.png
    Damsel of Distress
    "You've got a good heart, kid. Don't let that be the end of you with this contract... Deep within the snow caves, there lies a creature masquerading as a defenseless young girl. Once close enough, however, you'll see shes not so defenseless. Take her out if you find her!" Nymph.pngNymph Grim Pedestal.pngGrim Pedestal
    Contract Casting a Shadow.png
    Casting a Shadow
    "I managed to track quite an illusive dark caster in the deeper levels of our world by the name of... Tim. Name aside, he's got quite a bit of power behind him, but one fatal weakness. It seems he's quite prideful of his outfit, thinking his better than any other. Maybe you should wear a gem robe to lure him out...?" Tim.pngTim Malignant Thread.pngMalignant Thread
    Contract Arc of the Lost Raider.png
    Arc of the Lost Raider
    "Many adventurers have braved the intense foliage of the jungle, but even fewer return. I sent a friend of mine, Doctor Bones, out on a mission to the jungle quite a while ago, but he hasn't returned... Could you go check out the jungle’s surface at night and see if you can find any signs of him?" Doctor Bones.pngDoctor Bones Whip.pngWhip
    Contract Beast in the Maze.png
    Beast in the Maze
    "The Dungeon is bad enough with skeletons and slimes roaming around, but with a Raging Minotaur loose, it gets even more complicated. That beast can charge at incredible speed, blindsiding anyone not paying attention and crippling their movement. Don't get staggered out there, kid." Raging Minotaur.pngRaging Minotaur Theseus' Thread.pngTheseus' Thread
    Contract Haggard Hagglers.png
    Haggard Hagglers
    "Many try to take shortcuts in their quest for power, often calling upon the elements for their boom. But while the elements can provide what they seek, it comes with a hefty price. There exists beings known as Hags that roam the world looking to steal back their traded youth. The Underworld, Jungle, Ocean, and Sky are the most likely spots to find one. Do us a favor and take one out." Hags.pngHags Totem Caller.pngTotem Caller
    Tier 2
    Contract Fool's Gold.png
    Fool's Gold
    "I don't know what you did out there, kid, but things have gotten a lot more hectic. With the released spirits possessing our world, you can't trust anything now! Worse yet, it seems some avarice spirits have possessed a collection of chests deep underground turning them into Mimics. Keep your eyes peeled for any chests laying around. They may not be what they seem..." Mimic.pngMimic Suspicious Golden Key.pngSuspicious Golden Key
    Contract Enchanted Engagement.png
    Enchanted Engagement
    "I'm sure you've seen that unregulated spirit magic can lead to a lot of things, such as possessed weapons and armor. That prospect alone is terrifying, but when powerful artifacts are possessed, things can get ugly... Keep your eyes peeled for aggressive Enchanted weapons deep underground." Enchanted Sword (NPC).pngEnchanted Sword
    Cursed Hammer.pngCursed Hammer
    Crimson Axe.pngCrimson Axe
    Cursed Hammer (weapon).pngCursed Hammer
    Contract Boared to Death.png
    Boared to Death
    "The Pigron are a rather bizarre hybrid of creatures. 50% pig, 50% dragon, and 100% evil. You might encounter them where the ice caverns meet the worlds evil. Beware their grumbling bellies as they approach; It's quite audible." Pigron.pngPigron The Almighty Recipe.pngThe Almighty Recipe
    Contract Line in the Sand.png
    Line in the Sand
    "An elemental's personality is heavily influenced by the environment it forms in. Considering sandstorms are rough, coarse, and dangerous, you can imagine why we want to take down a few Sand Elementals. Watch your step for any nasty monsters wanting to take a bite out of you, kid!" Sand Elemental.pngSand Elemental Sand Shifter's Pouch.pngSand Shifter's Pouch
    Contract Ice Breaker.png
    Ice Breaker
    "Better pack some warm clothes for this one kid; this automaton, crafted from the coldest ice you can fathom, only appears in raging blizzards. It's deadly frost beams will freeze you solid if you aren't careful, so keep on the move and hide behind cover!" Ice Golem.pngIce Golem Icy Gaze.pngIcy Gaze
    Contract Not So Itsy Bitsy.png
    Not So Itsy Bitsy
    "Alright kid, I've got a bit of a double contract for you this time; a lot of our fellow townsfolk have severe cases of arachnophobia it seems. Rumors of a 'Brown Recluse' roaming the spider caverns have surfaced, but it seems like our only way to draw it out of hiding is to ALSO take down some kind of icy 'Gargantuan Spider', which prowls the tundra during harsh blizzards. If you can take both of them down, the folks around here should feel a lot safer." Brown Recluse.pngBrown Recluse Drider's Grace.pngDrider's Grace
    Contract Off Cloud Nine.png
    Off Cloud Nine
    "The winds of change are upon us it seems. But these winds don't seem to be in our favor... A nasty nest of Wyverns have found their way to the nearby sky islands floating just above our heads. I think it would be best for everyone if some of them were culled." Wyvern.pngWyvern Nimbus.pngNimbus
    Contract Rune Prune.png
    Rune Prune
    "The uncontrollable energies released by the Wall of Flesh's defeat have allowed some unsavory individuals to get quite a power boost. A rogue skeleton has harnessed the power of some long sealed spirits, and now terrorizes the underground as a Rune Wizard. His power is volatile and unpredictable; We can't allow him to live!" Rune Wizard.pngRune Wizard Wormhole Mirror.pngWormhole Mirror
    Contract Drunken Sailor's Query.png
    Drunken Sailor's Query
    "Have you heard tale of the pirates and their insatiable lust for gold? They can smell a coin from miles around, and from the looks of it, you've got quite a few. I would keep on guard for their potential siege. Make them regret attacking here by breaking one of their Flying Dutchman ships." Flying Dutchman.pngFlying Dutchman Davy Jones Lock Box.pngDavy Jones Lock Box
    Contract Gonna Need a Bigger Lamp.png
    Gonna Need a Bigger Lamp
    "Don't be fooled kid, the creature that lurks within the underground jungle is a being of pure terror, not beauty. It's mere existence is testament to our arrogance as individuals. Its... a moth!" Moth.pngMoth Flawless Chrysalis.pngFlawless Chrysalis
    Contract Destroy All Monsters.png
    Destroy All Monsters
    "When the moon perfectly blocks the sun, the terror within us is released upon the world. My biggest fear has manifested as well in the form of a mutant moth! Hey, we don't choose what we fear kid..." Mothron.pngMothron God Killer.pngGod Killer
    Tier 3
    Contract Tracker's End.png
    Tracker's End
    Before completion: "I've got a personal contract for you, kid. I don't ask this of you lightly, so please hear me out. Years ago, me and my partner, Lee, would take on the world together. We were an unstoppable duo, but made the grave error of underestimating a particularly difficult contract. In a desperate attempt to save me, he was struck down within the Dungeon halls where he surely rots. I've never forgiven myself for what happened... Please, go into the Dungeon and put his tortured soul to rest." Bone Lee.pngBone Lee The Black Blade.pngThe Black Blade
    The Black Bow.pngThe Black Bow
    The Black Staff.pngThe Black Staff
    The Black Cane.pngThe Black Cane
    The Black Dagger.pngThe Black Dagger
    The Black Scythe.pngThe Black Scythe
    The Black Otamatone.pngThe Black Otamatone
    After completion: "You've done me a favor I could never repay in a thousand lifetimes. What I would give to apologize to Lee face to face... I'm confident, that at this point, you've surpassed any strength we thought we possessed. It's sobering to be humbled by an upstart like you, kid. As a reward, I've got a collection of weapons Lee would often use. I'm sure he would be honored if you wielded them in battle. Take care out there!"
  • Items sold

    Item Cost Availability

    Tracker's Board.pngTracker's Board 5 Vanquisher Medal Always available.
    Tracker's Skinning Blade.pngTracker's Skinning Blade 2 Vanquisher Medal If the contract "Learning the Ropes" has been completed.
    Glittering Chalice.pngGlittering Chalice 2 Vanquisher Medal If the contract "Pay Day" has been completed.
    Rosy Slime Staff.pngRosy Slime Staff 3 Vanquisher Medal If the contract "Pinky, the World Ender" has been completed.
    Grim Pedestal.pngGrim Pedestal 5 Vanquisher Medal If the contract "Damsel of Distress" has been completed.
    Malignant Thread.pngMalignant Thread 3 Vanquisher Medal If the contract "Casting a Shadow" has been completed.
    Whip.pngWhip 5 Vanquisher Medal If the contract "Arc of the Lost Raider" has been completed.
    Theseus' Thread.pngTheseus' Thread 10 Vanquisher Medal If the contract "Beast in the Maze" has been completed.
    Totem Caller.pngTotem Caller 5 Vanquisher Medal If the contract "Haggard Hagglers" has been completed.
    Suspicious Golden Key.pngSuspicious Golden Key 2 Vanquisher Medal If the contract "Fool's Gold" has been completed.
    Cursed Hammer (weapon).pngCursed Hammer (weapon) 6 Vanquisher Medal If the contract "Enchanted Engagement" has been completed.
    The Almighty Recipe.pngThe Almighty Recipe 5 Vanquisher Medal If the contract "Boared to Death" has been completed.
    Sand Shifter's Pouch.pngSand Shifter's Pouch 8 Vanquisher Medal If the contract "Line in the Sand" has been completed.
    Icy Gaze.pngIcy Gaze 8 Vanquisher Medal If the contract "Ice Breaker" has been completed.
    Drider's Grace.pngDrider's Grace 8 Vanquisher Medal If the contract "Not So Itsy Bitsy" has been completed.
    Nimbus.pngNimbus 15 Vanquisher Medal If the contract "Off Cloud Nine" has been completed.
    Wormhole Mirror.pngWormhole Mirror 12 Vanquisher Medal If the contract "Rune Prune" has been completed.
    Davy Jones Lock Box.pngDavy Jones Lock Box 10 Vanquisher Medal If the contract "Drunken Sailor's Query" has been completed.
    Flawless Chrysalis.pngFlawless Chrysalis 10 Vanquisher Medal If the contract "Gonna Need a Bigger Lamp" has been completed.
    God Killer.pngGod Killer 15 Vanquisher Medal If the contract "Destroy All Monsters" has been completed.
    The Black Blade.pngThe Black Blade 25 Vanquisher Medal If the contract "Tracker's End" has been completed.
    The Black Bow.pngThe Black Bow 25 Vanquisher Medal If the contract "Tracker's End" has been completed.
    The Black Staff.pngThe Black Staff 25 Vanquisher Medal If the contract "Tracker's End" has been completed.
    The Black Cane.pngThe Black Cane 25 Vanquisher Medal If the contract "Tracker's End" has been completed.
    The Black Dagger.pngThe Black Dagger 25 Vanquisher Medal If the contract "Tracker's End" has been completed.
    The Black Scythe.pngThe Black Scythe 25 Vanquisher Medal If the contract "Tracker's End" has been completed.
    The Black Otamatone.pngThe Black Otamatone 25 Vanquisher Medal If the contract "Tracker's End" has been completed.

    Living preferences

    Biome Neighbor
    Loves n/a Tavernkeep.pngTavernkeep
    Dislikes Forest.pngForest Dye Trader.pngDye Trader
    Hates n/a Desert Acolyte.pngDesert Acolyte


    The Tracker can have any of the following names:

    • Aaron
    • Atlas
    • Bernard
    • Brendan
    • Cliffton
    • Conrad
    • Cyris
    • Dalton
    • Daston
    • Derrick
    • Garm
    • Gustav
    • Guts
    • Hunter
    • Kwan
    • Linus
    • Roy
    • Russell
    • Schneider
    • Tristan


    Interaction quotes

    • "Seen any interesting beasts lurking around lately? Minotaurs? Beholders? Gorgons?"
    • "Bear your scars with pride, as each one has a tale to tell... What do your scars say about you, hero?"
    • "Many beasts have fallen to me and my axe, but new ones are always on the prowl. Keep your eyes peeled, kid."
    • "You'd be surprised how effective a single shoulder pad can be."

    When Stylist is present:

    • "Do you think <name of Stylist> would give a haircut even to a brute like me...?"

    When Tavernkeep and Weapon Master are present:

    • "<name of Tavernkeep>, <name of Weapon Master>, and I were gonna start a gym together. You want in?"

    When the player has the Reality Bearer buff:

    • "A reality-ending nightmare entity, kid? You certainly don't cut corners, there's no way I can top that!"
  • Happiness quotes

  • When homeless:

    • "With a proper home, we can get down to business and start hunting some real threats."

    When neutral:

    • "Kid, I can't complain about much, now can I?"

    When far from home:

    • "Hey there, Kid. You staying safe out here?"

    When in a sparse area:

    • "Loads of space for me to swing this axe without fearing bashing the wrong mook, it's great!"

    When overcrowded:

    • "I'm starting to feel a bit claustrophobic..."
    • "It's hard enough to navigate a space with my size as it is, there's too many people here!"

    When in the Snow biome:

    • "Ah feels like home with all this snow around. My people like it cold up in the north."

    When in a Forest:

    • "It's a pain to track down monsters when you start in such a safe place."

    When in an Evil biome or the Dungeon:

    • "I would say 'let's get down to busisness', but maybe it's a bit TOO dangerous here..."

    When near the Tavernkeep:

    • "If there's anyone in town that can give me a run for my money in an arm wrestling competition, it's <name of Tavernkeep>. Love that guy!"

    When near the Guide or the Stylist:

    • "If there's anyone I can count on around here to know their stuff it's <name of Guide/Stylist>."

    When near the Princess:

    • "That's why we do what we do. To protect innocent kids like <name of Princess>."

    When near the Dye Trader:

    • "<name of Dye Trader> just goes on and on about getting his robes dirty instead of getting the job done. Not a fan of that."

    When near the Desert Acolyte:

    • "<name of Desert Acolyte> just doesn't understand the importance of standing and fighting. It sickens me."
  • Notes

    • Enemies spawned from statues will not drop Vanquisher Medals and will not fulfill the Tracker's contracts.


    • A number of the contracts are references to various media:
    • The contract "Off Cloud Nine" may be a reference to the idiom "coming off cloud nine"
    • The name "Guts" is a reference to the main protagonist of the same name from the Berserk manga series.



      • Sprites updated.
      • Added 4 new possible names.
      • Updated "Gonna Need a Bigger Lamp" and "Destroy All Monsters" descriptions.
      • Added 8 new possible names.
    • Updated "Not So Itsy Bitsy" description again for further clarity.
    • Updated "Not So Itsy Bitsy" description for clarity.
    • Introduced.