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The Bestiary is an in-game catalog of the various entities in Terraria and the Thorium Mod, including enemies, NPCs, critters, and bosses. It can be viewed by opening the inventory and pressing Use / Attack on the Bestiary icon.png book icon located to the right of the item trash can, at the bottom right of the inventory. The Bestiary displays a description and basic statistics for each entity, including health, damage, defense, and knockback resistance, as well as advanced information like item drop rates. Entries can be sorted and filtered by various criteria, like stats, locations, times, events, etc.

The Thorium Mod adds 184 new entries to the Bestiary. All entries from the Thorium Mod have the Thorium Mod Bestiary icon.pngThorium Mod filter.


  • Entity Filters Description
    Cobbler 2 Surface The Cobbler has long since retired from his heroing days, but he provides quality footwear to the next generation.
    Desert Acolyte 2 Desert The Desert Acolyte is quite nervous, but will sell all manner of equipment to those interested in throwing stuff at monsters.
    Cook 2 Surface The Cook is a master in the culinary arts. He's always trying out new recipes with the ingredients of the land.
    Confused Zombie 2 Graveyard The Confused Zombie is a chemist turned zombie. While he's managed to keep most of his right mind, he's still a little weird...
    Blacksmith 2 Surface The Blacksmith is a grouchy old man with an unrivaled skill in smelting. His crafted equipment would interest any Terrarian.
    Tracker 2 Snow The Tracker belongs to an order of warriors dedicated to finding and dispatching rare creatures. Help him and he'll help you.
    Diverman 2 Ocean The Diverman is a curious adventurer that’s searching for the elusive Aquatic Depths. He’s willing to sell you some sunken treasures.
    Druid 2 The Jungle The Druid loves plants in all shapes and sizes. She'll sell you seeds and other natural items to suit your needs.
    Spiritualist 2 The Hallow The Spiritualist believes in the power of inner tranquility. Terrarians interested in healing their allies could learn much from him.
    Weapon Master 2 Underground The Weapon Master is a demonic exile who has sided with the forces of good. Don't let his stoic demeanor fool you, he's a real softy.
    Myna 4 The Jungle An innocent and rare bird that might tag along with you if you manage to catch it.
    Dumbo Octopus 1 Aquatic Depths A harmless species of octopus found in the depths of the Ocean. Like peanuts.
    Purple Dumbo Octopus 1 Aquatic Depths An uncommon variant of the Dumbo Octopus found in the depths of the Ocean. Still likes peanuts.
    Giant Isopod 1 Aquatic Depths These peaceful creatures have been chilling in the Aquatic Depths for thousands of years. The surface dwellers could learn a thing or two.
    Lobster 1 Aquatic Depths A deep sea crustacean with a penchant for pinching.
    Blue Lobster 1 Aquatic Depths A rare variety of deep sea lobster that scared the pants out of the first Terrarian that saw it.
    Ancient Archer 1 Marble Cave Precise units from an ancient civilization, they use powerful bronze bows to pick off opposition from a distance.
    Ancient Charger 2 Marble Cave Agile soldiers of an ancient civilization, they continue to fight in the hopes their champion will return.
    Ancient Phalanx 2 Marble Cave Colossal guardians from an ancient civilization, they have little to protect but themselves.
    Army Ant 2 Underground Jungle A massive ant with a nasty bite. Just be thankful you haven't stumbled across its home nest!
    Fire Ant 2 Caverns, Underground Jungle A massive ant with a burning bite. Just be thankful you haven't stumbled across its home nest!
    Baby Spider 1 Spider Nest Though just seconds old, in great numbers, they can pick apart a Terrarian in mere seconds.
    Barracuda 2 Aquatic Depths This quick fish is known for hunting down its prey by any means. Not even walls will block their vicious appetite.
    Blowfish 1 Aquatic Depths Don't blow off this blowhard, they'll blow your socks off when brought down!
    Big Bone 2 The Dungeon This tough skeleton takes the term "big boned" to the next level.
    Biter 1 Nighttime The zombification process can result in some unique outcomes. This variant just bleeds a lot.
    Bizarre Rock Formation 5 Marble Cave A stone figure in the shape of a Terrarian; you can't shake the feeling that its rocky eyes are following you...
    Living Hemorrhage 1 The Crimson A gruesome teratoma formed from the flesh of the Crimson itself. Doesn't like to go down easily.
    Clot 1 The Crimson Like we said, doesn't like to go down easily.
    Coolmera 1 Crimson Ice Its endless hunger allows it to keep searching for food, even in the frozen tundra.
    Copper Coin Bag 4 Caverns This enchanted pile of coins only just recently gained sentience, but it will try its hardest to keep its riches for itself.
    Silver Coin Bag 5 Caverns Having been around the caverns, this bag of coins leaves the scene as soon as a greedy Terrarian makes their appearance.
    Gold Coin Bag 5 Caverns You'd think gold would just weigh down this greedy sack of coins, but it just boosts its resolve to run from Terrarians.
    Darksteel Knight 2 The Dungeon Elite guards that once faithfully served the Dungeon in its glory days. Though their flesh is gone, their loyalty is not.
    Earthen Bat 1 Caverns An uncommon species of bat empowered by earth itself. It likes to sit on ceilings, waiting for its next meal to approach.
    Earthen Golem 1 Caverns This sentient pile of stones can release seismic slams along cave walls, raining stones upon its victims heads.
    Flamekin Caster 1 Caverns A bizarre creature harnesses the power of lava pools found deep in the caverns to summon explosive fire bats.
    Frost Wurm 2 Corrupt Ice While it might be easier to dig through snow and ice instead of ebonstone, these frigid devourers are no less effective at killing.
    Frozen Face 2 Crimson Ice The Brain of Cthulhu tried to warn them if they kept making that face, it would get frozen that way...
    Gelatinous Cube 2 The Dungeon A gluttonous mass of slime formed from the dank aura of the Dungeon. Has lost its ability to hop from the weight of its sins.
    Sludge 1 The Dungeon The torn offspring from a Gelatinous Cube. Retains its ability to hop by ignoring the sins of its father.
    Giga Clam 2 Aquatic Depths Terrarians have long debated whether this clam's size should be classified as 'giga' or 'massive'. Giga has won for now.
    Gilded Bat 5 Caverns This rare bat species is big and strong enough to both fly with dense valuable metal on its wings and crush foolhardy explorers hunting them.
    Gilded Slime 5 Caverns A slime that disguises itself as the much more elusive Golden Slime to swallow greedy treasure hunters whole.
    Gilded Slimeling 4 Caverns Having ingested plenty of raw gold to achieve its glittering disguise, it's no surprise that Gilded Slimes' young also carry onto bits of leftover ore.
    Gilded Lycan 5 Caverns Though werewolves are said to be weak to silver, the same is clearly not true of gold, given the existence of these blinged-out beastman.
    Globee 5 Aquatic Depths A harmless creature that produces a bioluminscent substance that can illuminate its surroundings, even deep underwater.
    Granite Eradicator 2 Granite Cave This crazed elemental wildly swings its two pairs of energized arms around. Hasn't lost an arm wrestle in 7 years.
    Granite-Fused Slime 2 Granite Cave A slime that's been infused with the erratic energy of the granite caverns. Comes with a cool set of rock armor.
    Granite Surger 2 Granite Cave An uncontrollable earth elemental that propels magnetic shards of granite rock at those that disturb the granite caverns.
    Fiery Hag 4 The Underworld Haggard witches who traded their youth for mastery over the flame. Clearly the trade didn't work out for them given how they're trying to murder you.
    Grounded Hag 4 Underground Jungle Haggard witches who traded their youth for mastery over the earth. Clearly the trade didn't work out for them given how they're trying to murder you.
    Windy Hag 4 Sky Haggard witches who traded their youth for mastery over the winds. Clearly the trade didn't work out for them given how they're trying to murder you.
    Misty Hag 4 Ocean Haggard witches who traded their youth for mastery over the waves. Clearly the trade didn't work out for them given how they're trying to murder you.
    Hammerhead 2 Aquatic Depths This poor guy couldn't figure out how to stand out among his shark friends... until he decided to use his head.
    Hopping Spider 1 Spider Cave This little guy just loves to feast on spelunkers that stumble too close to their nest.
    Life Crystal Mimic 5 Caverns The forces of Terraria have a sick sense of humor.
    Man o' War 2 Aquatic Depths With an unrivaled sting, and a penchant for inexplicably going invulnerable, this is one tough jellyfish.
    Mahogany Ent 2 Underground Jungle A sentient mass of mahogany that seeks to protect the flora of the Jungle by deadly means.
    Bloom Mahogany Ent 2 Underground Jungle A sentient mass of mahogany that seeks to protect the flora of the Jungle by deadly means, but also with pizzazz.
    Moray 1 Aquatic Depths A species of eel that makes its home within the Aquatic Depths. Likes to hang out in nooks and crannies it digs for itself.
    Mud Man 1 The Jungle, Nighttime A rudimentary lifeform born from the mud of the Jungle, and only smart enough to know that their home should be defended.
    Nestling 1 Sky A species of avian that loves to cohabitate with Harpies, care for baby birds, and pelt curious Terrarians.
    Octopus 2 Aquatic Depths A bulbous water dweller that extends its long arms to grab and crush its prey, even through walls at times.
    Raging Minotaur 5 The Dungeon Roaming the maze-like halls of the Dungeon, these bulls charge down them with enough force to stagger anyone unfortunate enough to get hit.
    Shambler 2 The Dungeon Downtrodden prisoners in their past life, these shackled skeletons will gleefully force their burden onto their eventual vanquishers.
    Sharp Tooth 1 Aquatic Depths While its name is rather on the nose, it only took one bite to a Terrarian's hand for this fish to earn its title.
    Snow Ball 1 Snow These guys take the idea of snowball fights and roll with it a little too much!
    Snow Eater 1 Corrupt Ice Even the frigid cold is unable to stop these malevolent beings from feasting upon the weak.
    Space Slime 1 Meteor Apparently slimes exist on other planets, too. Who knew?
    Strange Bulb 2 Underground Jungle A bizarre species of plant that hasn't reached its maturity yet. Maybe that's for the best...
    The Innocent 1 The Corruption This innocent creature once peacefully roamed the Forests of Terraria before the Corruption's dark spread reached it.
    U.F.O. 1 Meteor A lesser probe sent by an alien force to survey the surface of planets they deem worthy of conquering.
    Unstable Energy Anomaly 5 Granite Cave A orb of energy cracking from the ground; it looks like it could burst if agitated.
    Wind Elemental 2 Sky Loose magicks that drift high into the air will occasionally manifest into these agitated beings. They can give quite a nasty zap to unaware Terrarians.
    Abyssal Angler 2 Aquatic Depths Bright lights can attract a fish's attention, but what attracts a Terrarian's attention? That's right, coins!
    Astro Beetle 2 Meteor A bulky alien life form that likes to hitch a ride on passing spacecraft and meteoroids.
    Aquatic Hallucination 2 Aquatic Depths An otherworldly being that might just make you think you're going crazy...
    Black Widow 2 Spider Nest This stealthy spider's venom is potent enough to corrode steel. What do you think it'll do to a Terrarian...?
    Blister 1 Underground Crimson A swollen sack filled to the brim with corrosive ichor. Even the smallest touch could release its contents!
    Blister Pod 2 Underground Crimson A grotesque lesion produced by the viscera of the Crimson. Incubates and produces dangerous offspring.
    Blobfish 2 Aquatic Depths The ugliest little creature in all of the Aquatic Depths. All he wants is a hug...
    Bone Flayer 2 The Underworld The reanimated remains of an arch demon. Its fiery abilities lay waste to most foes within in the Underworld.
    Brown Recluse 5 Spider Nest With a swarm of protective babies, and acidic spit, this rare breed of spider would give anyone arachnophobia.
    Chilled Spitter 2 Corrupt Ice One of many corrupted monsters prowling the frozen wastelands. Trying to use their spit to keep your drinks chilled is not recommended.
    Coldling 2 Crimson Ice After being lost in the snow for so long, this Herpling's skin has been greatly frozen over. Its hunger, however, has not.
    Crown of Thorns 2 Aquatic Depths Residing on the floors of the depths, a single sting from one of these starfish can spell doom to many.
    Dissonance Seer 2 Underground Hallow Crazed mages infused by the blessing, they hunt down and barrage anyone who trespasses into the sacred Hallow.
    Epidermon 2 Underground Crimson, The Underworld Proof of the insidious influence of the Crimson. Nothing is safe from its spread, not even Demons.
    Feeding Frenzy 2 Aquatic Depths A ravenous species of fish that quickly calls a swarm of equally ravenous siblings.
    Freezer 2 Corrupt Ice The denizens of the corrupted snowfields hunt with blistering cold acids that will leave you burning inside while freezing outside.
    Frost Fang 2 Underground Snow, Spider Nest An icy spider that fires ice instead of web. Not because it can't, but because it's going for a theme, you know?
    Frozen Gross 2 Crimson Ice These chilly terrors of the icy crimson depths most definitely, without question, are both frozen and gross.
    Glittering Golem 2 Underground Hallow A hulking earth elemental imbued by the blessing. Its large crystals give the Hallow that extra little sparkle.
    Horrific Charger 2 The Corruption Smaller hunters of the Corruption specializing in rapid acceleration, they charge with reckless abandon the moment they see potential prey.
    Hell Bringer Mimic 5 The Underworld Mimics enveloped by the souls of the damned gain incredible power. They can be birthed from ordinary chests by force.
    Infernal Hound 2 The Underworld Likes to give lava-dripping kisses to everyone it can see. Truly damned-man's best friend.
    Kraken 2 Aquatic Depths A powerful creature lurking beneath the ocean's surface that sports 8 arms and 8 grudges against the surface world.
    Lycan 2 Nighttime A bulkier form of Werewolf that gets angrier as it approaches death. Might have been a bodybuilder before getting bit.
    Lihzahrd Mimic 5 The Temple An invasive species of mimic that has found its way into the Temple. The Lihzahrds don't seem to mind...
    Lihzahrd Pot 2 The Temple A misleading trap set for would-be poachers of the mysterious Temple.
    Martian Scout 2 Meteor This alien has come to survey the environment and serve as a harbinger of things to come...
    Martian Sentry 2 Meteor A defensive machine sent to accompany visiting Martian Scouts.
    Molten Mortar 2 The Underworld A highly mutated Magma Snail that has gained the ability to launch chunks of burning rubble at its prey.
    Moss Wasp 2 Underground Jungle This hornet has been overloaded with floral energy, resulting in massively increased aggression and speed.
    Mycelium Mimic 5 Underground Mushroom Mimics fed by the nutrients of glowing mushrooms gain heighted abilities. They can be birthed from ordinary chests by force.
    Necro Pot 2 Dungeon The Dungeon houses an immerse amount of spiritual energy. It's no surprise some of that energy has decided to possess a pot or two.
    Putrid Serpent 2 Aquatic Depths A vile acid-spitting serpent that burrows within the rocks of the Aquatic Depths. Carries a familiar, foul taint.
    Snow Flinx Matriarch 2 Underground Snow The strange leader of a strange creature. They tend to house their young, along with various items, in their fur. Strange.
    Soul Corrupter 2 Underground Corruption, The Underworld Proof of the insidious influence of the Corruption. Nothing is safe from its spread, not even Demons.
    Spectrumite 2 Underground Hallow An overgrown crystal shard-turned-sentry tasked with dispatching meddlesome Terrarians entering the Hallow.
    Submerged Mimic 5 Aquatic Depths Mimics lost in the crushing depths take on sinister properties. They can be birthed from ordinary chests by force.
    Sun Priestess 2 The Temple A Lihzahrd imbued with the power of the sun. Makes a great night light in the dark halls of the Temple.
    Tarantula 2 Spider Nest A highly defensive species of arachnid that releases sharp spikes when threatened. May have porcupine DNA.
    Temple Guardian 2 The Temple A solar powered automaton designed to monitor and protect the halls of the mysterious Temple with extreme prejudice.
    The Starved 2 The Corruption This slobbering creature has abandoned all reason in attempt to satiate its endless, perceived, hunger.
    The Whale 3 Aquatic Depths One of the magnificent creatures the world has even seen. Only true monsters would even think about harming one!
    Underworld Pot 2 The Underworld This mimic thought with how desolate and empty the Underworld was, it could get some peace and quiet. Now it's just annoyed.
    Vampire Squid 2 Aquatic Depths With a blood-draining bite that massively heals them, these squids sure aren't playing games.
    Vile Floater 2 The Corruption Cancerous lesions gaining sentience from dark magicks, they rain down toxic spit onto whoever made the mistake of going outside.
    Volt Eel 2 Aquatic Depths Using a specialized organ, these eels utilize electricity for all sorts of purposes, from tracking and maiming prey to pranking friends.
    Abomination 2 Blood Moon The stitched remains of various zombies. The stitches themselves have seen better days...
    Blood Drop 1 Blood Moon Animated blood behaves remarkably similar to the slimes of Terraria.
    Grave Limb 1 Blood Moon A stubborn necrotic appendage that likes to tear off faces. Truly the worst face massage you'll ever receive!
    Severed Legs 1 Blood Moon These legs were made for walking, and that's just what they'll do... well, really that's all they can do.
    Blood Mage 2 Blood Moon An uncommon mutation of Blood Zombie that retains an ability to cast dark blood magic.
    Bloody Warg 2 Blood Moon A rabid beast driven mad by the aura of the mysterious Blood Moon.
    Engorged Eye 1 Blood Moon This type of Demon Eye has gorged itself upon the aura of the Blood Moon, giving its unique appearance.
    Smothering Shade 2 Blood Moon Unexplainable creatures birthed from the nefarious aura of the Blood Moon. Ancient tomes allude to their long history.
    Blizzard Bat 2 Snow, Rain Imbued with all things chilly, this bat is out for blood-flavored snow cones.
    Frost Burnt 2 Snow, Rain A frozen husk that has had their flesh blown from their body by the harsh, blizzard winds.
    Frost Burnt (variant) 2 Snow, Rain A deteriorating frozen husk that manages to wield a large icicle in battle. Their tongue is noticeably stuck to the end of it.
    Snow Elemental 2 Snow, Rain An icy elemental packed to the brim with snow. Likes to explode in a beautiful flurry of snow... and death.
    Snowy Owl 2 Snow, Rain A hardy species of owl that does most of its hunting when an incoming blizzard blocks all sight.
    Goblin Drummer 2 Goblin Invasion Heralding the Goblin Army's approach with a vicious beat, these drummers boost their fellow goblins' vigor.
    Goblin Trapper 1 Goblin Invasion One of few goblins in the world that actually chose to use the Spiky Balls their kind carry onto.
    Goblin Spirit Guide 2 Goblin Invasion With esoteric hexes, these high-ranking shamans can call up recently deceased goblins to continue their pillage.
    Shadowflame Revenant 2 Goblin Invasion The reanimated fighting spirit of a fallen goblin. Looks like their quest for loot persists even after death.
    Sea-Shanty Singer 2 Pirate Invasion Pirates are a rowdy bunch, but when a shanty is in the air, they get even more trigger-happy!
    Le Fantôme 4 Solar Eclipse Shunned by Terrarians for his appearance, this masked musician empowers the ghouls he has allied with using an enthralling song.
    Scissor Stalker 2 Solar Eclipse There's no use trying to hide from this scissor-wielding murderer. When he inevitably finds you, you'll swear he's teleporting!
    Snow Singa 2 Frost Legion At first sight, this mafioso appears to be celebrating. Really, he's inspiring his accomplices to put you on ice.
    Patch Werk 5 Blood Moon A horrifying creature formed from the maggot-filled, fallen remains of Terrarians. It calls out to anyone listening, begging to be put down.
    Famished Maggot 1 Blood Moon A vicious worm known for its propensity to attack en masse.
    Corpse Bloom 5 Underground Jungle It's unclear if this mutant flower earned its name from its foul odor, or what it typically leaves Terrarians as in its wake.
    Corpse Weed 2 Underground Jungle The living roots of a Corpse Bloom can be just as dangerous as its host plant. Perhaps even moreso!
    Illusionist 5 The Dungeon A beguiler predating the Dungeon itself. Using visions of false adversaries, it led an ancient despot into ruining its kingdom with a terrible curse.
    Peculiar Mirror 5 The Dungeon An ordinary-looking, if fancy, mirror in the Dungeon. Surely nothing bad will happen if you get a little closer to it, right?
    The Grand Thunder Bird 3 Desert Blessed with the dominion over storms, this majestic bird soars through the desert skies. It seemed to be testing you...
    Storm Hatchling 1 Desert An electrically charged apparition of an adolescent Thunder Bird.
    Queen Jellyfish 4 Ocean Once a normal jellyfish, something within the darkest depths caused it to bloat in size, power, and aggression.
    Zealous Jellyfish 1 Ocean A red colored jellyfish that loves to ram into enemies for its Queen.
    Spitting Jellyfish 1 Ocean A yellow colored jellyfish that loves to spit bubbles at enemies for its Queen.
    Distracting Jellyfish 1 Ocean A blue colored jellyfish that loves to get hit for its Queen.
    Viscount 4 n/a Massive in both size and ego, the Viscount is the undisputed lord of the caverns.
    Bitey Baby 1 n/a Servants of the Viscount. Often sent out to scout for new sources of blood and occasionally snacks.
    Granite Energy Storm 4 Granite Cave The uncontrollable epicenter of the energy surge within the granite caverns. Stimulated by dispelling Skeletron's curse.
    Coalesced Energy 2 Granite Cave An energized barrier that attempts to deflect attacks aimed towards a released Energy Storm's core.
    Buried Champion 4 Marble Cave Once a legendary hero, time has forgotten its name. It seeks to challenge the Terrarian that broke the Dungeon's curse.
    Fallen Champion 3 Marble Cave A lethal echo of the Buried Champion's weapon expertise. Cannot be harmed by normal means.
    Star Scouter 4 Sky An observation vessel from a distant planet. Its basic defense measures are incredibly high-tech for this world's standards.
    Scouter Cores 2 Sky A protective probe that seeks to annihilate any being that distracts its flag ship.
    Borean Strider 4 Snow, Rain A species of arachnid hell-bent on surviving the harshness of a Terrarian blizzard. Something this stubborn is a danger to everyone.
    Borean Hopper 2 Snow, Rain A newly born Strider that's just as hungry and freezing as its mother.
    Borean Myte 2 Snow, Rain A mutated baby Strider that leaks icy doom everywhere it goes.
    Fallen Beholder 4 The Underworld A glimpse into what lies beyond the void. Its prolonged stay in the world of Terraria has left it weaker than in its home dimension.
    Beholder 2 The Underworld A lesser entity from another demension that seeks to learn, and vaporize, all that it can.
    Lich 4 Graveyard The cadaveric disciple to the defiler of life, always on the hunt for more souls to add to its collection.
    1000 Soul Phylactery 2 Graveyard, Expert Mode only The source of the Lich's eternal life. There's more than just a thousand souls in it, but the Lich lost count around that point.
    Forgotten One 5 Aquatic Depths A creature long forgotten by even the oldest Terrarians. It and its kind were sealed away centuries ago during a bloody war.
    Abyssal Spawn 2 Aquatic Depths Ravenous young birthed from a Forgotten One that desecrate and pollute the fresh waters of the world.
    Aquaius 5 n/a The endless tide of reality, Aquaius represents all the push and pull in the universe. It will judge those it deems worthy of its attention.
    Omnicide 5 n/a The life defiler of reality, Omnicide represents all transition in the universe. It will judge those it deems worthy of its attention.
    Slag Fury 5 n/a The first flame of reality, Slag Fury represents all energy in the universe. It will judge those it deems worthy of its attention.
    Dream Eater 5 Expert Mode only Cosmic Janitor. Dying Reality. The Dream Eater. This entity seeks to erase everything that it deems disruptive to the cosmic clockwork. Save the world, hero!
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