Astro Beetle

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Astro BeetleHardmode exclusive
Astro Beetle.png
Classic mode icon.png Classic
Expert mode icon.png Expert
Master mode icon.png Master
EnvironmentMeteorite (biome)
AI TypeTortoise AI
Damage4080120 (Melee)
80160240 (Spin)
Max Life250500750
KB Resist70%73%76%
Immune toConfused.pngPoisoned.pngAcid Venom.png
BannerAstro Beetle Banner.pngAstro Beetle Banner
Coins500*5 Silver Coin.png
"A bulky alien life form that likes to hitch a ride on passing spacecraft and meteoroids."

The Astro Beetle is a Hardmode enemy found in the Meteorite biome. It walks slowly, occasionally and suddenly flinging itself at the player to deal contact damage, similarly to a Giant Tortoise.


  • Increased melee damage from 38 / 76 to 40 / 80 and spin damage from 76 / 152 to 80 / 160.
  • Added immunities.
  • Introduced.