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For more information about the mechanics behind defense, see tgc:Defense.

Defense is a player statistic that decreases the amount of damage taken from attacks.

Defense Boosts

Item Accessory Defense
Family Heirloom.pngFamily Heirloom 1
Sea Turtle's Bulwark.pngSea Turtle's Bulwark 2
Champion's Rebuttal.pngChampion's Rebuttal 2
Prydwen.pngPrydwen 2
Blooming Shield.pngBlooming Shield 2
Obsidian Scale.pngObsidian Scale 3
Ocean's Retaliation.pngOcean's Retaliation 3
Goblin War Shield.pngGoblin War Shield 4 (while standing still)
Molten Scale.pngMolten Scale 4
Cape of the Survivor.pngCape of the Survivor 4
Astro-Beetle Husk.pngAstro-Beetle Husk 5 (while life shield is present)
Mantle of the Protector.pngMantle of the Protector 5
Artificer's Shield.pngArtificer's Shield 2 for every 20 artificer's energy
Ball n' Chain.pngBall n' Chain 8
Terrarium Defender.pngTerrarium Defender 20 (absorbs 25% of damage done to players on your team; only active below 25% life)
Metallurgy Shield Accessory Defense
Copper Buckler.pngCopper Buckler 1
Tin Buckler.pngTin Buckler 1
Iron Shield.pngIron Shield 1
Lead Shield.pngLead Shield 1
Silver Bulwark.pngSilver Bulwark 2
Tungsten Bulwark.pngTungsten Bulwark 2
Gold Aegis.pngGold Aegis 2
Platinum Aegis.pngPlatinum Aegis 2
Thorium Shield.pngThorium Shield 3
Buff / Debuff Temporary Defense
Bloom Boost.pngBloom Boost 5
Frost Heart.pngFrost Heart 10
Terraria's Kiss.pngTerraria's Kiss 20
Empowerment - Defense.pngEmpowerment - Defense Increases defense by 4/8/12/16
Aura - Holy Shine.pngAura - Holy Shine Defense of players within aura increased by 10
Holy Defense.pngHoly Defense Defense of healed allies increased by 20

Armor Penetration

Armor penetration is a statistic that reduces the defense of the player's targets. For instance, Abomination normally has 8 defense. If the player has 5 armor penetration, then damage dealt to the Abomination will be calculated using 3 defense instead of 8.

Item Source Armor penetration bonus
Dragon's Talon Necklace.pngDragon's Talon Necklace Shark Tooth Necklace.png + 6 Green Dragon Scale.png   @   Mythril Anvil.png 15