Moss Wasp

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Moss WaspHardmode exclusive
Moss Wasp.png
Classic mode icon.png Classic
Expert mode icon.png Expert
Master mode icon.png Master
TypeFlying Enemy
EnvironmentUnderground Jungle
AI TypeBat AI
Max Life260520780
KB Resist60%64%68%
Inflicts debuffAcid Venom.pngAcid Venom
Duration4 seconds8 seconds
Debuff tooltipLosing life
Immune toPoisoned.pngConfused.png
BannerMoss Wasp Banner.pngMoss Wasp Banner
Coins600*6 Silver Coin.png
"This hornet has been overloaded with floral energy, resulting in massively increased aggression and speed."

The Moss Wasp is a Hardmode enemy found in the Underground Jungle. It flies near the player, occasionally and suddenly charging at them to deal contact damage and inflicts the Acid Venom debuff on hit.


  • Sprite updated.
    • Renamed from "Dragon Hornet" to "Moss Wasp".
    • Added visual for charge attack.
    • Changed drops.
  • Changed immunities.
  • Introduced.