Energy Conduit

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Expert Mode-Only Content
Expert Mode-Only Content
This information applies only to Expert Mode and Expert Mode worlds.
Energy ConduitExpert Mode exclusive
Energy Conduit.png
Expert mode icon.png Expert
Master mode icon.png Master
EnvironmentGranite Cave
AI TypeEnergy Conduit AI
Max Life140210
KB Resist100%
Inflicts debuffGranite Surge.pngGranite Surge
Duration5 seconds
Debuff tooltipToo much energy is causing damage and lowered defense
Immune toOn Fire!.pngHellfire.pngConfused.pngPoisoned.pngGranite Surge.png

The Energy Conduit is an enemy summoned by the Granite Energy Storm in Expert Mode. They are completely stationary and send out a small aura that inflicts the Granite Surge debuff for 5 seconds.


  • Buffed maximum life from 100 / 150 to 140 / 210 and damage from 2 / 3 to 20 / 30.
  • Sprite updated.
  • Life decreased from 200 (300) to 75 (150).
  • Introduced.