Earthen Bat

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Earthen Bat
Earthen Bat.png
Classic mode icon.png Classic
Expert mode icon.png Expert
Master mode icon.png Master
TypeFlying Enemy
AI TypeBat AI
Max Life306090
KB Resist50%55%60%
Inflicts debuffFeral Bite.pngFeral Bite
10% chance
Duration60 seconds
Debuff tooltipIncreased damage, Decreased life regen, Causes status effects
Immune toPetrify.png
BannerEarthen Bat Banner.pngEarthen Bat Banner
Coins100*1 Silver Coin.png
"An uncommon species of bat empowered by earth itself. It likes to sit on ceilings, waiting for its next meal to approach."

The Earthen Bat is an enemy found in the Cavern layer. It hangs from the ceiling until the player is nearby. It then flies towards the player and deals contact damage. In Expert Mode, it has a chance to inflict the Feral Bite debuff on hit.


  • Can now drop the Bat Bat and Depth Meter.
    • Increased damage from 14 / 28 to 15 / 30, life from 25 / 50 to 30 / 60 and defense from 0 to 4.
    • Reworked AI.
    • It can now inflict Feral Bite debuff in Expert Mode.
  • Introduced.