Frozen Gross

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Frozen GrossHardmode exclusive
Frozen Gross.png
Classic mode icon.png Classic
Expert mode icon.png Expert
Master mode icon.png Master
TypeFlying EnemyUndead Enemy
EnvironmentThe CrimsonSnow biome
AI TypeHovering AI
Max Life250500750
KB Resist40%46%52%
Inflicts debuffChilled.pngChilled
33% chance
Duration5 seconds10 seconds
Debuff tooltipYour movement speed has been reduced
Immune toPoisoned.pngConfused.pngFrostburn.pngFrostbite.png
BannerFrozen Gross Banner.pngFrozen Gross Banner
Coins500*5 Silver Coin.png
"These chilly terrors of the icy crimson depths most definitely, without question, are both frozen and gross."

The Frozen Gross is a Hardmode enemy found in the Crimson Snow biome. Like a typical Floaty Gross, it floats towards the player, phasing through tiles, and deals contact damage. It has a chance to inflict the Chilled debuff.