Dumbo Octopuses

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Dumbo Octopuses
  • Dumbo Octopus.png Purple Dumbo Octopus.png
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
TypeCrafting material
ConsumableTango Tick1.png
Use time15 (Very Fast)
RarityRarity Level: 0
Sell1000*10 Silver Coin.png
Research5 required
Dumbo Octopuses
Dumbo Octopus.png Purple Dumbo Octopus.png
Classic mode icon.png Classic
Expert mode icon.png Expert
Master mode icon.png Master
EnvironmentAquatic Depths
AI TypePassive AI
Max Life5
KB Resist0%
"Dumbo Octopus: A harmless species of octopus found in the depths of the Ocean. Like peanuts.

Purple Dumbo Octopus: An uncommon variant of the Dumbo Octopus found in the depths of the Ocean. Still likes peanuts."

Dumbo Octopuses and Purple Dumbo Octopuses are critters that spawn in the Aquatic Depths. As with all other critters, they have 5 health, no defense, and are often killed instantly by other enemies or the player.

Dumbo Octopuses can be caught using a Bug Net. They can be carried around in the inventory until placed (released), deleted, or crafted into Takoyaki or Dumbo Octopus Cages/Purple Dumbo Octopus Cages. Caged Dumbo Octopuses can be used as furniture and cannot be released once crafted.


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Dumbo Octopus (contest).gif
Original Dumbo Octopus sprite by Liraxus.
  • The sprite for this critter is an updated version of one of the winners of the Thorium Mod Discord's Spriting Contest for Week 9, made by Liraxus.