Aquatic Depths

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"Have you adventured into the aquatic depths yet...? Its choking atmosphere prevents most explorers from entering, but I'm confident you'll find a way around it..."

The Diverman

The Aquatic Depths is an underground biome completely filled with water. It is found underneath the Ocean biome's sandy floor, on the opposite side of the world's Dungeon. The player can enter the Aquatic Depths through a huge gap in the sand.

The biome features its own unique tiles, backdrops, enemies, loot and music. Certain ambient objects found in the biome release bubbles that grant the Refreshing Bubble buff when touched by a player, briefly allowing them to breathe underwater and move at normal speed. A Bubble Magnet can be used to attract these bubbles and increase their efficiency. Platforms that elevate Depth Chests can randomly be found within the pockets of open water within the biome; they contain their own assortment of unique loot. The Aquatic Depths itself is generated with Leaky Marine Blocks and Leaky Marine Walls, meaning the Aquatic Depths will refill with water if drained.

In addition to containing many veins of Mossy Gold or Mossy Platinum Ore, the Aquatic Depths also contains a unique ore, Aquaite, and a unique gem, Aquamarines, that are both used in several water-related items. It also contains pockets of Brackish Clumps, which can be extractinated similarly to Silt and Slush.

While in the Aquatic Depths, players will receive a Choking Aura debuff, which makes them lose health over time if they are exposed to air. This debuff will be replaced with the Purified Waters buff if Forgotten One has been defeated at least once in that world, making the waters of the biome breathable and the air non-toxic.


Unique Treasures
Unique Drops
From any enemy in Hardmode:


  • Water in this biome takes on a very deep, dark blue color, but the difference is somewhat hard to see due to the background wall.
  • Upon defeating Plantera for the first time in a world, a status message, "Something stirs in the Aquatic Depths..." will be displayed, notifying the player that Aquatic Hallucinations now spawn in the Aquatic Depths and therefore Forgotten One can now be summoned.
  • An artificial Aquatic Depths can be created with a group of 700 or more Leaky Marine blocks.
  • This biome will not overlap with The Aether, instead it will generate in a circle around it to prevent water leaking in (though this may be unavoidable sometimes).


  • Players exploring the Aquatic Depths run the risk of drowning if not equipped with the right equipment. To avoid drowning, bring items that aid in breathing underwater, such as the Gills Potion, or the Golden Scale.




  • Updated sprite for full-screen map background.
  • Introduced.