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Rarity is a statistic applying to all items, that loosely indicates their value and the difficulty with which they are obtained. An item's Rarity is indicated in-game by the color of its name text, as displayed, for example, when rolling the cursor over the item in an inventory slot. An item's Rarity can be raised or lowered by up to two tiers depending on its Modifier.

The Thorium Mod adds two new rarities to the game, the Blood Orange rarity and the Teal rarity.


Click a rarity color to see a listing of items of that rarity.

Tier Color Description
-1 Rarity Level: -1 The lowest tier. Only "junk" items and most unobtainable items have this as a base rarity, such as the Artificer's Extractor. This tier mainly accommodates White- or Blue-tier equipment with poor Modifiers, such as Shameful. The only exception in this tier is the Dormant Hammer, which is used to craft the late-game weapon Mjölnir.
0 Rarity Level: 0 Items without a Rarity value specified in the game code default to this tier. It is by far the Rarity containing the most items. Any Thorium Mod Items from this tier will be destroyed in Lava.
1 Rarity Level: 1 Weapons and armor crafted from early ores, along with early dropped/looted items. Also includes Banners, Trophies and Boss Masks. Items in this tier and above will not be destroyed in Lava.
2 Rarity Level: 2 Midway Pre-Hardmode items. These are mostly looted, dropped, or craftable items.
3 Rarity Level: 3 Late-stage pre-Hardmode items: Primarily items obtained from the Jungle, Dungeon, and Aquatic Depths.
4 Rarity Level: 4 Early Hardmode craftable items and item drops from early and/or common Hardmode enemies. Also includes Coatings and late-stage Pre-Hardmode Weapons with valuable modifiers.
5 Rarity Level: 5 Mid-Hardmode items, including those acquired after defeating Fallen Beholder, eg. Beholder's Gaze, Hellish Halberd, and Lodestone / Valadium armor.
6 Rarity Level: 6 This tier mostly contains items acquired after defeating all Mechanical bosses, Lich, and most items crafted from Titanic Bars.
7 Rarity Level: 7 This tier mainly contains items crafted from mid-Hardmode crafting materials that use Concentrated Thorium in their crafting recipes.
8 Rarity Level: 8 This tier primarily consists of items that use the Broken Hero Fragment in their crafting recipes.
9 Rarity Level: 9 This tier consists of the Time Warp and the developer items than can be obtained rarely from Treasure Bags in Expert Mode.
10 Rarity Level: 10 This tier consists of Primordial Essences and items crafted from Lunar Fragments, such as the Celestial armor.
11 Rarity Level: 11 This tier mainly consists of Cyan and Red items that have high-level modifiers.
12 Rarity Level: 12 This tier consists of the items crafted from the Primordial Essences and The Omega Core.
Expert (-12) Rarity Level: Rainbow This special tier contains Expert Mode-exclusive items contained in Treasure Bags dropped by Expert Mode bosses, as well as Treasure Bags themselves. It also contains items crafted from Terrarium Cores. In the game code, these items contain other tier numbers, despite displaying the animated rainbow rarity color in-game.
Master (-13) Rarity Level: Fiery Red This special tier contains Master Mode-exclusive items dropped by bosses in Master Mode.
Quest (-11) Rarity Level: Quest This special tier contains only "quest items" to be turned over to quest-giving NPCs (currently the Dye Trader, Angler, and Tracker) for rewards. Quest items have no other use.
Donator Rarity Level: Donator This special tier only contains donator items. These items are dedicated to people who have donated to the development of the Thorium Mod.