Crowd Control

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Crowd Control is a mechanic added by the Thorium Mod. Various items in the mod inflict a series of debuffs onto enemies that inhibit their movement in some way. Typically they come in the form of stuns, slows, and confuses. Sometimes these debuffs carry additional effects including damage over time, increased damage taken, or dealing less contact damage to players.

Crowd Control debuffs can never affect bosses.

Crowd Control Debuffs

Source Effect Additional effect
Freezing.png Freezing Horizontal speed reduced by 25%. Airborne enemies quickly drop to the floor.
Oozed.png Oozed Horizontal speed reduced by 25%. Airborne enemies quickly drop to the floor.
Distorted Time.png Distorted Time Horizontal speed reduced by 25%. Airborne enemies quickly drop to the floor. Enemies take 15% more damage.
Decaying Flesh.png Decaying Flesh Horizontal speed reduced by 25%. Enemy takes 12 damage per second.
Fungal Growth.png Fungal Growth Horizontal speed reduced by 15%. Enemy takes 8 damage per second.
Insanity.png Insanity Horizontal speed reduced by 10%. Enemy deals 50% of it's contact damage to other enemies.
Charmed.png Charmed Horizontal speed reduced by 10%. Enemy deals 25% less contact damage.
Petrify.png Petrify Enemy is completely stopped in place. n/a
Stunned.png Stunned Enemy is completely stopped in place. n/a
Paralyzed.png Paralyzed Enemy is completely stopped in place. n/a
Confused.png Confused Enemy starts to move in reverse direction. n/a
Source Effect
Icy Arrow.png Icy Arrow
Glacier.png Glacier
Glacial Sting.png Glacial Sting
Freeze Ray.png Freeze Ray
Borean Fang Staff.png Borean Fang Staff
The Cryo-Fang.png The Cryo-Fang
Frozen Sawblade.png Frozen Sawblade
Champion's Trifecta-Shot.png Champion's Trifecta-Shot
Ice Fairy Staff.png Ice Fairy Staff
Stellar System.png Stellar System
Nitrogen Vial.png Nitrogen Vial
Climber's Ice Axe.png Climber's Ice Axe
Wondrous Wand.png Wondrous Wand
Eclipse Fang.png Eclipse Fang
Frost Plague Staff.png Frost Plague Staff
Christmas Cheer.png Christmas Cheer
Ancient Frost.png Ancient Frost
Frostwind Cymbals.png Frostwind Cymbals
Cryotherapy.png Cryotherapy
Blizzard Pouch.png Blizzard Pouch
Time Gate.png Time Gate
Decaying Sorrow.png Decaying Sorrow
Mycelium Whip.png Mycelium Whip
Fungal Cane.png Fungal Cane
Fungal Popper.png Fungal Popper
Morel Grenade.png Morel Grenade
Funggat.png Funggat
Call of Cthulhu.png Call of Cthulhu
Charm.png Charm
Cupid's String.png Cupid's String
Violin.png Violin
Strawberry Heart.png Strawberry Heart
Turntable.png Turntable
Magick Staff.png Magick Staff
Aphrodisiac Vial.png Aphrodisiac Vial
Stun.png Stun
Bronze Throwing Axe.png Bronze Throwing Axe
Gorgon-Gaze Staff.png Gorgon-Gaze Staff
Thor's Hammer: Melee.png Thor's Hammer: Melee
The Triangle.png The Triangle
Plasma Vial.png Plasma Vial
Bolas.png Bolas
Snow White.png Snow White
Tranquilizer Gun.png Tranquilizer Gun
Shade Kusarigama.png Shade Kusarigama
Loot-a-Rang.png Loot-a-Rang
Technique: Blinding Dash.png Technique: Blinding Dash
Vibration Tuner.png Vibration Tuner
Digital Tuner.png Digital Tuner
Champion's God Hand.png Champion's God Hand
Giant Glowstick.png Giant Glowstick
Eel-rod.png Eel-rod
Volt Hatchet.png Volt Hatchet
Sparking Jelly Ball.png Sparking Jelly Ball
Enchanted Cane.png Enchanted Cane
Ancient Spark.png Ancient Spark