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The Thorium Mod adds 15 music tracks to the game, 14 of which have accompanying music boxes.


The tracks are property of the Thorium Mod and are not up for purchase.

Title Condition Version Author Listen Description
Music Box (Buried Champion).png A Hero No More SkippyZii A fast-paced battle theme with a emphasis on brass and percussion to give a tone reminiscent of an ancient war.
Music Box (Fallen Beholder).png A Sight To Behold Kaosu A frantic remix of the vanilla track Boss 2.
Music Box (Aquatic Depths).png Aqua Shiki Sakura, AdipemDragon* It's a calm and relaxed theme that simultaneously maintains a mysterious tone.
Music Box (Viscount).png Bat Ballad Salvati A fast-paced battle theme with an air of mischievousness.
Music Box (Forgotten One).png Beneath the Depths SkippyZii A slow, but intense and eerie track. It features a muffling effect for an underwater feeling, and the timbre is very dark in the beginning.
Music Box (Granite Energy Storm).png Eye of the Storm SkippyZii An intense theme with a strong focus on its percussion.
Music Box (The Grand Thunder Bird).png Grand Thunder Bird Smxfoxtrot An upbeat orchestral theme.
Music Box (Lich).png Harvest Night SkippyZii A spooky, Halloween-esque battle theme. Using various elements of horror such as "psycho" string screeches, the track gives off a menacing tone. This track features a second loop with different composition, before completely looping.
Music Box (Queen Jellyfish).png In Over Your Head SkippyZii A regal yet bouncy orchestral battle theme in a 3/4 time signature. It features a heavy emphasis on brass instruments and various watery synths such as popping bubbles.
Music Box (Star Scouter).png Interplanetary Harbinger SkippyZii A hectic theme that incorporates electronic synths and a theremin for a very alien-like tone.
Music Box (Borean Strider).png Lost in the Blizzard Smxfoxtrot It's a slow but intense orchestral tune.
n/a Reality's End Smxfoxtrot A sinister take on the normal Primordials theme that swaps various orchestral parts with intimidating synths.
Music Box (Mini-boss).png Stronger Foe SkippyZii It's a slow but serious and menacing battle theme.
Music Box (The Primordials).png World's End Smxfoxtrot An intensely daunting orchestral theme, with an air of finality.


  • Introduced In Over Your Head.
  • Introduced Stronger Foe.
  • Introduced A Hero No More, Beneath the Depths, Eye of the Storm, Harvest Night, and Interplanetary Harbinger.
  • Introduced The Primordials and Dream Eater.
  • Introduced Bat Ballad.