Life Shield

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Life Shield
Life Shield

Life Shield is a mechanic added by the Thorium Mod. It provides a temporary maximum life increase that varies in value per increment depending on the source. This effect stacks with successive applications of the shielding, up to a specified limit, and decays naturally over time. A blue border will appear around the hearts of the player as long as the life shield is active.


From weapons

From Maximum Life Increment Limit
Seven Seas Devastator.pngSeven Seas Devastator 1 25
Ocean's Judgement.pngOcean's Judgement 3
Sonic Amplifier.pngSonic Amplifier 5

From tools

From Maximum Life Increment Limit
War Forger.pngWar Forger 3 25
Cryotherapy.pngCryotherapy(Cold snap) 25
Shield-Drone Beacon.pngShield-Drone Beacon Casting player's Bonus Healing
Granite Ion Staff.pngGranite Ion Staff 4 50
Barrier Generator.pngBarrier Generator 10

From accessories

From Maximum Life Increment Limit
Copper Buckler.pngCopper Buckler 1 8
Tin Buckler.pngTin Buckler 9
Iron Shield.pngIron Shield 10
Lead Shield.pngLead Shield 11
Silver Bulwark.pngSilver Bulwark 12
Tungsten Bulwark.pngTungsten Bulwark 13
Gold Aegis.pngGold Aegis 14
Platinum Aegis.pngPlatinum Aegis 15
Thorium Shield.pngThorium Shield 16
Astro-Beetle Husk.pngAstro-Beetle Husk 20

From Armor

From Maximum Life Increment Limit
Conduit armor.pngConduit armor 1 70
Coral armor.pngCoral armor 1 20


Life Shield items

Sonic Amplifier.pngSonic Amplifier • Ocean's Judgement.pngOcean's Judgement • Seven Seas Devastator.pngSeven Seas Devastator
War Forger.pngWar Forger • Granite Ion Staff.pngGranite Ion Staff • Barrier Generator.pngBarrier Generator • Cryotherapy.pngCryotherapy • Shield-Drone Beacon.pngShield-Drone Beacon
Copper Buckler.pngCopper Buckler • Tin Buckler.pngTin Buckler • Iron Shield.pngIron Shield • Lead Shield.pngLead Shield • Silver Bulwark.pngSilver Bulwark • Tungsten Bulwark.pngTungsten Bulwark • Gold Aegis.pngGold Aegis • Platinum Aegis.pngPlatinum Aegis • Thorium Shield.pngThorium Shield • Astro-Beetle Husk.pngAstro-Beetle Husk