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Status messages display as chat lines in the lower-left of the game screen when certain conditions apply.


  • When a NPC spawns, the message "[NPC name] the [NPC class] has arrived!" displays.
  • As the Diverman is spawned by killing Queen Jellyfish, the message "Someone just fell out of that aquatic abomination!" displays instead.


  • When most bosses are summoned, the message "[boss name] has awoken!" displays. Some bosses have an unique spawn message:
Message Trigger Boss
"The Granite Energy Storm has unleashed!" The Granite Energy Storm is summoned by destroying an Unstable Energy Anomaly. Granite Energy Storm
"Buried Champion has broken free!" Buried Champion is summoned by destroying a Bizarre Rock Formation. Buried Champion
"An eight legged menace is prowling the tundra..." A Borean Strider spawns in the world. Borean Strider
"Terraria Trembles..." The Primordials are summoned. The Primordials
  • When some bosses reach a specific phase or have been defeated, the following messages will display:
Message Trigger Boss
"The dreaded Patchwerk has been removed from the world!" Patch Werk is defeated. Patch Werk
"The elusive Corpse Bloom withers away..." Corpse Bloom is defeated. Corpse Bloom
"The enigmatic Illusionist shatters into pieces..." Illusionist is defeated. Illusionist
"The aquatic depths bubble beneath the oceans surface!" Queen Jellyfish is defeated. Queen Jellyfish
"A Borean Strider has been defeated!" Borean Strider is defeated. Borean Strider
"Forgotten One's shell violently cracks!" Forgotten One enters its second phase. Forgotten One
"Forgotten One breaks free of its ancient prison!" Forgotten One's enters its third phase in Expert Mode. Forgotten One
"The very fabric of reality is tearing at the seams! The Primordials are defeated in Expert Mode and the Dream Eater spawns. Dream Eater
"Reality gracefully resumes its tranquil state..." The Primordials (or the Dream Eater in Expert Mode) are defeated. The Primordials / Dream Eater


Message Trigger Effect
"The pockets of Granite and Marble in your world tremble..." Skeletron is defeated for the first time. New enemy types begin spawning in the Granite Cave and Marble Cave biomes.
"New life springs forth in the Aquatic Depths!" Wall of Flesh is defeated for the first time. Crystal Waves begin growing in the Aquatic Depths.
"The Spider Nests in your world rustle in anger..." The Borean Strider is defeated for the first time. New enemy types begin spawning in Spider Cave biomes.
"Your world has been enchanted with Valadium!"
"Your world has been sundered with Lodestone!"
Fallen Beholder is defeated. Valadium Chunks or Lodestone Chunks generate in the world.
"Your world has been enchanted with an abundance of Valadium!"
"Your world has been sundered with an abundance of Lodestone!"
Fallen Beholder is defeated in Expert Mode. Valadium Chunks or Lodestone Chunks generate in greater amounts in the world.
"Plantera's luminescent energy brightens the earth..." Plantera is defeated. Illumite Chunks generate in the world.
"Something stirs in the Aquatic Depths..." Plantera is defeated. Aquatic Hallucinations start spawning in the Aquatic Depths.
"The toxic haze of the depths has been lifted..." Forgotten One is defeated for the first time. The Choking Aura debuff is removed from the Aquatic Depths and replaced with the Purified Waters buff.