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Events are unique occurrences that provide interesting gameplay elements, such as new enemies and drops. Thorium adds a few things to existing events, increasing the amount of content the game offers.

Blood Moon

Bloody Tear.png
Main article: Blood Moon

Several new enemies are added, including a mini-boss, Patch Werk. Completing at least one Blood Moon and defeating Patch Werk is necessary for the Confused Zombie NPC to move in. Completing a Blood Moon is also essential for the progression of a Healer character, as an important Healer item, Unholy Shards, drops from Blood Moon enemies and is necessary to craft core Healer items. In addition, there are a plethora of other new drops from the event.


Rain Stone.png
Main article: Snow

During Hardmode Blizzards several new enemies and a new boss called the Borean Strider may spawn. The Borean Strider has fast attacks and may prove challenging for unprepared players, but it drops several ice-themed weapons that make it worthwhile to fight. It also has an Expert Mode exclusive Treasure Bag. The Rain Stone allows the player to make it rain and stop the rain at will.

Goblin Army

Goblin Battle Standard.png
Main article: Goblin Army

Three new enemies, the Goblin Trapper, Goblin Drummer, and Goblin Spirit Guide, are added, as well as a few new drops that can assist the player earlier or later in the game.

Pirate Invasion

Pirate Map.png
Main article: Pirate Invasion

One new enemy, the Sea-Shanty Singer is added, as well as a few new drops that can assist the player.

Frost Legion

Snow Globe.png
Main article: Frost Legion

One new enemy, the Snow Singa, is added, as well as a few new weapons that make fighting the event more worthwhile. The Snow Globe can now also be crafted for use at any time of the year.

Solar Eclipse

Solar Tablet.png
Main article: Solar Eclipse

Two new enemies, Le Fantôme and Scissor Stalker, are added, as well as a couple new weapons and Broken Hero Fragments, a crafting material that can be used to create throwing and radiant equivalents to the True Night's Edge and True Excalibur.

Martian Madness

Martian Probe.png
Main article: Martian Madness

Several new drops that can assist the player are added. Weapons from this event will have their damage increased from the Conduit armor.


Halloween Center.png
Christmas Center.png

2 new items, the Halloween Center and Christmas Center, allow the player to activate Halloween or Christmas respectively, causing the seasonal drops and enemies to appear as though it was that time period.

Old One's Army

Eternia Crystal.png

New Expert Mode Treasure Bags for the Dark Mage and the Ogre, which can each contain several new items.