Natural Graveyard

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The Graveyard is a mini-biome that generates in the forest region past the Dungeon. Unique Graveyard enemies spawn here day and night, as well as the usual creatures of the night, and the spawn rate is increased. NPC vendors have unique trades here, and the Ecto Mist on the ground enables unique crafting recipes for the player. These functional effects are only active with seven or more Tombstones nearby. Found within the graveyard rests an Ancient Phylactery which allows the player to summon the Lich at the cost of 30 Pumpkins if the player has defeated all three mechanical bosses, and it is night time.

As more Tombstones are added, the Graveyard's visual effects grow stronger: Colors desaturate, lightning randomly strikes in the background, and Ecto Mist accumulates on the ground.

Sunflowers reverse a Graveyard's effects: Each Sunflower negates the presence of one Tombstone.



  • Rarely the graveyard will spawn in front of the Dungeon if there isn't a suitable amount of space behind the dungeon. If there isn't enough space, only the Ancient Phylactery spawns. If your world does not offer enough space on side of the world that the Dungeon is on, the graveyard will not generate at all.