Blood Chamber

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You see lots when you wander these caverns, y'know? Other day I stumbled upon this chamber absolutely drenched in blood! Sight shook me to my bones, I'll tell you what!

The Skeleton Merchant

The Blood Chamber is a large structure that is generated on world creation, located within the Caverns. Only one Blood Chamber is generated per world. It is composed of Stone Slabs, Tall Gates, Obsidian Lanterns, Obsidian Chandeliers, and Demon Campfires, with special Bat Pots littered throughout that drop Healing Potions, Mana Potions, Flaming Arrows, and Silver Bullets when destroyed. In the center is a Blood Altar, which allows the player to summon the Viscount at the cost of 5 Unholy Shards.


Bat Pots.png
The special Bat Pots within a Blood Chamber.


  • The Blood Chamber will always spawn within the inner half of the world, between cave and lava layers of the Caverns.


  • The Grim Pointer, sold by the Confused Zombie, points towards the center of your world's Blood Chamber, allowing it to be easily located.


    • Increased the lowest possible generation height up by 100 blocks.
    • Now favors generating near the vertical center of the Cavern layer.
  • Fixed Blood Chamber not spawning in some cases.
  • Introduced.