Angler's Bowl

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Angler's Bowl
  • Angler's Bowl item sprite
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TypeLight Pet
TooltipReleases a friendly angler fish to lighten up the dark
Grants BuffAnglor the little Angler.pngAnglor the little Angler
Buff tooltipThis little guy just HATES the dark
RarityRarity Level: 3
Sell5000*50 Silver Coin.png
Research1 required
Summons Light Pet
Angler Fish
Angler Fish (pet).png
For the vanilla enemy, see Angler Fish.

The Angler's Bowl is a Pre-Hardmode Light Pet summoning item that can be found in naturally generating Depth Chests in the Aquatic Depths. It spawns Anglor the little Angler to follow you around. Anglor is immune to damage from enemies, despawns upon player death, and emits stronger light whenever the player is in water or wet.


  • This item is very useful for exploring the Aquatic Depths biome in its darkness.


    • Converted to a light pet.
    • Renamed from "Agnor's Bowl" to "Angler's Bowl".
  • Now also casts light if placed in a social slot.
  • Renamed from "Anglor's Bowl" to "Agnor's Bowl".
  • Introduced.