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(Last Updated 04/03/2024)

Many individuals have contributed towards the development of the Thorium Mod, whether through direct assets, inspiration, or monetary assistance. This page attempts to list those that have helped in one significant way or another, but are not direct developers of the mod.

Click here for a list of active and previously active developers.


Contribution Type Description
Artwork A piece of artwork such as a banner, background image, or thumbnail. This does not include sprites used in-game.
Sprite A sprite that is directly used for in-game purposes such as an item, projectile, or enemy.
Sprite Basis A sprite that was at one point used directly, but was later updated or changed moderately.
Code A significant portion of code to achieve a specific effect in the mod.
Music A song used for in-game purposes typically for boss fights or environments.
Concept A concept that was given permission to be adapted into the mod.


Asset Contributions

Various forms of media have been offered towards the mod's development through the kindness of their contributors:

Contributor Contribution Type Contribution
Amber Sprite Zunpet.png • Ancient Hallowed Chapeau.png • Ancient Hallowed Cowl.png • Ancient Hallowed Guise.png • Blooming Blade.png • Blooming Crown.png • Celestial Crown.png • Celestial Hamaxe.png • Celestial Pickaxe.png • Conductor's Stand.png • Divine Staff.png • Hallowed Chapeau.png • Hallowed Cowl.png • Hallowed Guise.png • Hydration Potion.png • Life Gem.png • Mirror of the Beholder.png • Moonlight.png • Orichalcum Slide Whistle.png • Shooting Star Blast-Guitar.png • Shooting Star Hamaxe.png • Shooting Star Pickaxe.png • White Dwarf Hamaxe.png • White Dwarf Pickaxe.png

Hydration.png • Overgrowth.png • Hungering Blossom (equipped).png • Mirror of the Beholder (equipped).gif

Sprite Basis Concertina.png • Glitter Fiend (contest).png
Daawnily Sprite Daawn's Wig.png
Donmor Artwork Thorium Banner.png
Endling Concept
Eli10293 Sprite Aura Staff.png • Midnight Staff.png
froglute Sprite Basis Nocturne.png
GreenMarks Artwork Thorium Discord Logo.png
Ignus ... ...
Illuminati Sprite Basis Antlion Staff.png • Bleeding Heart Staff.png • Devourer Staff.png • Spittin' Fish.png • Strongest Link.png • Fungal Cane.png • Steamkeeper Watch.png • Astro armor.png
Kaosu Music Fallen Beholder
LeopardBunny Sprite Basis Rude Wand.png • Delta Totem.png
MetoolDaddy Concept
Milt69466 Concept
multibanana Sprite Soul Bomb.png
Newominus Sprite Useless Friend.png
Artwork Thorium Background.png
PhoenixBlade Sprite Basis Hell Bringer Mimic.png • Mycelium Mimic.png • Submerged Mimic.png
Sapharan Sprite Basis Soul Forge.png • Bloody Warg.png
Sergo Sprite Basis Ninja Rack.png • Fallen Paladin's armor.png
Smxfoxtrot Music The Grand Thunder Bird
Borean Strider
The Primordials
Dream Eater
SnugBoat ... ...
SzGamer227 Concept
Vladimier Sprite Dark Nexus set.png • Plague Lord's Flask.png • Blight Dagger.png
whitedragonB Sprite Basis Yuma's Pendant.png
Yoraiz0r Code BiomeBannerAquaticDepths.png
(World Generation)
zoroarkcity ... ...
Xrylene ... ...

Spriting Contest Contributions

For a period of time, weekly Spriting Contests were held on the Thorium Discord. Additionally, Painting Contests are held annually.
Here are their results:

Week Winner Contribution Type Contribution
1 Mixmaw Sprite Basis Electro-Rebounder.png
2 Player_Null_Name Sprite Hallowed Scythe.pngTrue Hallowed Scythe.png
3 Pepus Sprite Basis Blue Knight set.png
4 Illuminati Sprite Totem Caller.pngTotem.png
5 NnickykunN Sprite Life and Death.png
6 TheSeunger Sprite Basis Hellish Halberd.png
7 Amber Sprite Basis Glitter Fiend (contest).png
8 8953DraculA Sprite Basis Void Lens.png
9 God Voldeshrew, Liraxus, MelonDragon
(Amber, Barometz, catsounds)
Sprite Basis
(Unused Sprite)
Blue Lobster.png Dumbo Octopus.png Giant Isopod.png
( Sea Critters (Contest).png )
10 Amber Sprite Conductor's Stand.png
11 multibanana, Player_Null_Name, and Valdimier Sprite Basis Reject Statue.png Destiny Statue Minotaur Statue.png
12 GreenMarks Artwork Thorium Discord Logo.png
13 ClothierEdward and Amber Sprite Mythril Melodica Orichalcum Slide Whistle
14 Jaqbix Sprite Haunting Bass Drum.png
15 God Echedeshrew Sprite Basis Hell Roller.png
16 catsounds Sprite Basis Christmas Cheer.png
17 BluNinja Sprite Basis Reject's Blowpipe.png
18 Barometz, BluNinja, catsounds,
DERPY, daypxl, Player_Null_Name
Sprite Basis Earthen Energy.png Shrouded by the Storm (placed).png Last Supper.png Thunder over Desert Skies (placed).png
Jelly in the Water (placed).png Cursed Harvest (placed).png Titanic Trio (placed).png A Toast (placed).png
19 Exodus Starlit (Unofficially) Sprite Basis Whirlpool Saber.png
20 Player_Null_Name Sprite Music Box (The Primordials).png
21 BluNinja Unused Sprite Seahorse Mount (Contest).png
22 Aloe Unused Sprite Blood Moon Medallion (Contest).png
23 Amber Sprite Mirror of the Beholder.png Mirror of the Beholder (equipped).gif
24 BluNinja, DERPY, catsounds, multibanana, Newominus Sprite Basis Curious Sea Life (placed).png Loud Footsteps (placed).png Aquatic Paradise.png
Spectral Symphony (placed).png Undersea Bounty (placed).png
25 Amber, BluNinja, DERPY, Davslav, LegoFan905,
Newominus, Rus, Rodathus, Verveine
Sprite Hungering Blossom (equipped).png Inner Flame (equipped).gif Auto Tuner (equipped).gif Subwoofer (equipped).gif Track Player (equipped).png
Grave Goods (equipped).png Dark Effigy (equipped).png Fragrant Corsage (equipped).png Conductor's Baton (equipped).png Yuma's Pendant (equipped).png
26 Amber Sprite Life Gem.png
27 BluNinja Unused Sprite Mushroom Launcher (Contest).png
29 Newominus Sprite Massive Crab Claw.png Enemy Crab.png
30 BluNinja Sprite White Dwarf Thrusters.png
31 Amber and Player_Null_Name Sprite Boss Health Bar (Contest).png
Paint 2022 BluNinja, Carter, Tob, sun_dew Sprite Thinking About Balls (placed).png Painted Pirate (placed).png Ritual.png
Moon Slayer (placed).png The One Who Cooks (placed).png Webbed Over (placed).png
Paint 2023 catsounds, Donmor, dylan, Haram! 64, multibanana,
Scratch, StitchedBasicBee, sun_dew
Sprite First Contact (placed).png Warm Visit (placed).png Backwards.png Teatime (placed).png
Chorus of Andrew (placed).png Terrarian, the Princess, and the Spiritualist (placed).png Chorus of Evvie (placed).png
Knights of Hallow (placed).png Adoration of the Gold Bunny (placed).png Tracker and Hermits (placed).png
Entirely Here (placed).png Flight Hat 64 (placed).png Great for impersonating devs! (placed).png
Inconspicuous Tunnel (placed).png Wonder Acorn (placed).png Empire of Night (placed).png
Living Island (placed).png Study of Metallurgy (placed).png Thunderbird (placed).png

Donator Contributions

Many individuals have contributed towards the mod's development through monetary encouragement. A comprehensive list of the donators and their requests cant be found here:
Donator items

  • If you are one such donator and don't see your name listed, be sure to contact DivermanSam.