Soul Link

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Soul Link
  • Soul Link item sprite
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TooltipAllows you to use unique abilities when transformed
RarityRarity Level: 2
Sell10000*1 Gold Coin.png
Research1 required

The Soul Link is a tool that can be purchased from the Confused Zombie. It can be used while transformed to gain access to unique abilities respective to the transformation item the player is using.


Item Transformation Left-click Right-click Damage
Sinister Acorn.png Sinister Acorn Squirrel.png Squirrel The squirrel dashes forward, damaging enemies in the process. The squirrel throws a volley of damaging acorns. 15
Golden Scale.png Golden Scale Goldfish swimming.png Goldfish The goldfish releases a stream of bubbles when submerged in water. The goldfish blows a large bubble that either inflicts Oozed onto enemies for 1.5 seconds, or replenishes the breath of hit allies. 10
Magma Charm.png Magma Charm Molten Maggot.png Molten Maggot The maggot spits a stream of burning lava, inflicting On Fire! for 1.5 seconds on hit enemies. The maggot leaves a trail of sticky napalm, inflicting Singed for 1.5 seconds when touched. 12
Amphibian Egg.png Amphibian Egg Frog.png Frog The frog spits out a heavy bubble that deals 25% more damage to Poisoned enemies. The frog release a toxic haze on either side, inflicting Poisoned for 3 seconds on hit enemies. 12
Vampire's Catalyst.png Vampire's Catalyst Bat.png Bat The bat fires out a pair of life-stealing teeth. The bat spits out a bouncing globule of blood at the cost of 4 life. 10
Fake Coin.png Fake Coin Chest Mimic.png Chest Mimic The mimic leaps forward, damaging an enemy in the process. The mimic shoots out a volley of damaging coins, inflicting Midas on hit enemies for 2 seconds. 50
Coleoptera Keepsake.png Coleoptera Keepsake Beetle.png Beetle The beetle releases a storm of venomous needles, inflicting Venom on hit enemies for 1 second. The beetle hardens its carapace, reducing damage dealt to you by 15% and reflecting 50% of the damage dealt to the player back to the enemy for 3 seconds. 38
Cybernetic Sphere.png Cybernetic Sphere Robotic Ball.png Robotic Ball The robotic ball places a timed explosive that boosts you upward and deals damage to hit enemies. The robotic ball places a large explosive that damages enemies. 65


  • All damage dealt by the transformations is symbiotic, and therefore cannot be boosted by any form of equipment.


  • No longer given to all newly created characters; instead, bought from the Confused Zombie.
  • Introduced.