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Several new Ammunition are added to cater to the new weapons added.


Fired from Bows and Repeaters. For more information, see Arrows.

Name Damage Velocity KB HM Rarity Sell
Crystal Arrow.pngCrystal Arrow 12 4 1 Tango Tick1.png Rarity Level: 4 30*30 Copper Coin.png
Durasteel Arrow.pngDurasteel Arrow 12 8 4 Tango Tick1.png Rarity Level: 4 16*16 Copper Coin.png
Energy Catalyst.pngEnergy Catalyst 6 5 2 Tango Tick1.png Rarity level: Donator 50000*5 Gold Coin.png
Ghost Pulse Arrow.pngGhost Pulse Arrow 4 4 1 Tango Tick1.png Rarity level: Donator 30*30 Copper Coin.png
Icy Arrow.pngIcy Arrow 5 3.5 2 No Rarity Level: 0 5*5 Copper Coin.png
Spirit Arrow.pngSpirit Arrow 10 3 1 Tango Tick1.png Rarity level: Donator 20*20 Copper Coin.png
Steel Arrow.pngSteel Arrow 8 4 3 No Rarity Level: 1 1 Copper Coin
Talon Arrow.pngTalon Arrow 4 3 2 No Rarity Level: 0 10*10 Copper Coin.png


Fired from Dart Guns. For more information, see Darts.

Type Damage Velocity Source Special Properties
Coral Dart.png Coral Dart 8 2 Coral.png = 100 Coral Dart.png Splinters after impacting an enemy.
Drill Dart.png Drill Dart 8 0 Antlion Mandible.png = 100 Drill Dart.png Briefly digs through tiles on impact.
Phase Dart.png Phase Dart 10 1 Spirit Droplet.png = 100 Phase Dart.png Increases in damage before reaching a peak, then it quickly loses damage.
Tether Dart.png Tether Dart 18 1 Strange Plating.png = 100 Tether Dart.png Splits into a damaging electric field.
Flare Dart.png Flare Dart 16 1 Solar Pebble.png = 100 Flare Dart.png Empowers in damage and blast radius overtime.

Other types

Ammo Ammo Type Weapons that use this ammo
Baseball.pngBaseball None Crude Bat
Cursed Sawblade.pngCursed Sawblade None Man Hacker
Dazzling Sawblade.pngDazzling Sawblade None Man Hacker
Frozen Sawblade.pngFrozen Sawblade None Man Hacker
Lil' Torpedo.pngLil' Torpedo None Marine Launcher
Molten Sawblade.pngMolten Sawblade None Man Hacker
Pill.pngPill None Pill Popper
Sawblade.pngSawblade None Man Hacker
Seething Charge.pngSeething Charge None Hand Cannon
Snot Ball.pngSnot Ball None Ogre Snot-Gun
Spud.pngSpud None Spud Bomber
Steam Battery.pngSteam Battery None Shockbuster, Teslanator
Syringe.pngSyringe None Lethal Injection
Vile Sawblade.pngVile Sawblade None Man Hacker

Ammo used by tools

Boss Summoning

Ammo Used with Boss Summoned
Storm Flare.pngStorm Flare Grand Flare Gun.pngGrand Flare Gun The Grand Thunder Bird